Manifesto of the name

(Artist`s statement)

Alexander Art, why do you have such last name? – When I speak that it`s not just the last name, but it`s a way of life, believe me, this statement is not a show-off, not an attempt to stand out, but my personal experience, my search for answers to the questions. For example, man was born in the Taylor family, his last name is Taylor and he lives all his life with it. If he works as a tailor or, say, stylist then there is no problem. And if he always wanted to be engaged in research in marine biology, but instead followed in father's footsteps and became a lawyer, ongoing cognitive dissonance arises. Person can have last name Mountain and live on the ocean coast for the whole life. Or, a person has last name Young and it sounds correctly at the age of seventeen, but what do you say about seventy-two years old? And what about Fox or Bush? How can I live with such last name, if I am not a fox or a bush?

A ship will sail the way you name it. The Indians, watching a man, give him a name which is the most suitable for his personality and character. For example, Kohana means swift, Matchitisiw means «he has bad character». Smart move, but I, being of sound mind and memory, can choose the name that characterizes me best of all. I have been practicing in art for my whole life, do it now and I firmly believe that continue to do it. So what name should other people and I myself use for me? - Art. Alexander Art. Just so and not otherwise. I think, therefore I am, I feel and think, therefore, I don`t just exist, but I live, and if I live it means I create!  I'm alive, therefore art is alive, because I am Art! 

Humankind can accept the idea of a person as an incarnation of god. So why can`t people accept the fact of incarnation of the idea of art in the person? Do you ask why we need it? First of all we need it to cancel all the talks about the death of art and the false authority of those who proclaiming the death of art. And from this moment the question “what is art?” becomes invalid. Art is not what, Art is who, I am Art! Art is my life. Art is my homeland. Art is my nationality. What? Do you ask how I can prove that I am really worthy of the name of Art?

First, abstract idealism, which is not just another new movement in abstract art, but its evolutionary apex, and all the abstractionist artists who wrote before its appearance, in fact, are only proto-abstractionists, harbingers of the true golden age of abstract art, what is convincingly proved in the manifesto of abstract idealism. Secondly, Shapecoloring Sociums - installations, using a new method of organizing art space, several series of art photos using my own techniques, a new principle of multi-mise-en-scène for theatre, a few novels, including the first in the world fusion fiction novel with its garden of verses where scattering of variety of small poetic forms and the only significant autobiographical novel of the artist in recent years, several artistic strategies including about a hundred of projects of installations aiming to overcome the situation of the «deadlock of Gutenberg».

In addition to these material proofs, there is also the evidence of first priority. The truth is given to a carrier of an idea, a discoverer of knowledge, and I'm first declaring about the fact of real incarnation of the idea of art in the person. Even Plato with his theory of Ideas could not comprehend the fact that the idea of art can be incarnated in the person. At the time, various artistic experiments took place: Timm Ulrichs exhibited himself as the living work of art, Manzoni signed visitors turning them into works of art, Yves Klein presented emptiness as a piece of art. BUT NOBODY before me approached to understanding an artist as the incarnated idea of art.

I don`t create a new religion, don`t give new commandments, but I know how to change everything – rehistory of the humankind. Yes, art will completely change the world, but only I know how to do it because I am Art.