My name is Alexander Art. I am an artist. I am writing to you in connection with the situation at the Tate Modern gallery. I have already sent the letters to Her Majesty The Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Secretary of State DCMS. You are the Tate patron, and therefore you can`t be indifferent to the fate of this one of the largest museums of contemporary art in the world. And you have every right to know what happens in fact in this museum. Let's go through the points in short.

            The tenth level is a viewing terrace. Perhaps the curators of Tate Modern have a lack of ideas for exhibitions and they decided to exhibit London as an installation.

            The ninth level is entirely occupied by the restaurant. Do artists-chefs cook conceptual masterpieces from products for the visitors of the gallery there? Nothing like this! Just an ordinary catering with the most banal menu!

            Eighth level is the members` room, where is the recreation area and the cafe for the members of this museum, that is, one more Tate Modern space, which is used for entertainment, but not for contemporary art.

            What exactly happens on the events level is not clear, but in the Tate Modern events program much attention is paid to food and drink and parties. In the events section at the Tate Modern`s site, you can see how many spaces where a lot of works of contemporary artists could be exhibited, they rent out for private and corporate parties. Tate Modern`s curators think that fourth, third, second levels and the part of space on zero level is more than enough for contemporary art. But in fact even these areas are not always used for exhibitions, because some of these halls can stay empty and closed for a month or more in anticipation of the next exhibition, while setting artworks takes only about two-three days. Tate Modern curators always haven`t enough space for contemporary artists, but there are always a lot of rooms for private and corporate parties, including famous Turbine Hall, in this gallery.

At the beginning of July 2017, I proposed to the curatorial department of Tate Modern to turn the Turbine Hall or the square in front of the museum into one of the largest abstract paintings in the world. The text of the famous English literary work should have been the entry point into this painting, that is really possible within abstract idealism - a new movement in contemporary art. And the process of creating the painting should be an impressive interesting performance. Moreover, for the implementation of this project, I needed only the exhibition space, a small time limit, the equipment available in their property and NO money from the Tate Modern gallery. At first, they tried to ignore me, after my performance in front of this museum, it became impossible for them to continue to do it, and they refused me under a rather strange pretext that they couldn`t afford for my project neither the Turbine Hall, which according to the exhibition program on the site of this museum should have been empty for several months, no the square in front of the Tate Modern, where nothing happens at all. Curatorial department Tate Modern, as a rule, doesn`t even review proposals and projects of new artists, their program is made only on the basis of proposals from the internal curators and some organizations. That is, they have agreements for exhibitions for several years ahead, and projects of other artists, no matter how talented they are, they don`t even consider, despite the fact that their exhibition spaces are periodically empty.

I ask you to act as arbitrator in this situation. Supporting art, most patrons help art organizations, I ask you to help the artist. I believe that the manifesto of abstract idealism should be really explored by curators, and the project within this new movement in contemporary art must be realized. I sincerely hope for your understanding and support! For my part, from the day I received the refusal from the Tate Modern gallery, day by day I carry out my performance of resistance to tatecide. And I will continue it in protest against the unjust policy of the managers of this museum to contemporary artists.


Sincerely yours

Alexander Art

Tel: 07487323343