Shapecoloring Sociums.

Shapecoloring Sociums are installations which composed of the characters, plots and materials created by nature. The artist found them and collected in spaces, created according to the principles of the philosophy of shapecoloring sociums. In these photos, you can see fragments of these worlds.

"Mirages of Ideal Deserts".

"The Unity of Opposites."

"The Geometry of Thought."

"The Unison of Shapecolors."

"The Titans of the Microcosm." 

"Crossroads of an Understatement."

"Triangular Toccata".

"The Binary coordinate system of Love."

"Escape from Chaos."

"Echoes of the Root Causes."

"The Calm of Endless Pathways."

"The Twilight of Eternity."