Footnotes to "Rehistory doctrine"

1. The author refers to an eastern parable, in which the young man asked the sage how he could achieve immortality. The sage said that he should not think about white monkeys. And since then young man could not help but think about white monkeys.

2. Derzhimorda - a  collective image in art, an official who blindly executes all the orders of the cruel authorities, a character in Gogol`s Inspector General.

3. And a lot has been written about this, for example, McLuhan's notion of hot and cold communications.

4. Holarchy is a system composed of interacting holons, where a holon is both a part and a whole.

5. Hirama is High Intensity Research and Management Association.

6. Ostap-Suleyman-Berta-Maria-Bender-Bey and Shura Balaganov are main characters of the famous satirical novel The Little Golden Calf by Soviet authors Ilf and Petrov.